Women in Computer Vision

A series of interviews with women scientists

Women in Computer Vision - Women in Science

Women in Computer Vision is a series of interviews conducted by our Marketing Manager Ralph Anzarouth and published on RSIP Vision publications: every month on Computer Vision News and every day on the daily magazines that we produce for the main conferences in our profession: CVPR, ECCV, MICCAI, CARS, ICCV and ISBI. When appropriate, the interview is published under the title “Women in Science” instead of “Women in Computer Vision“.

The idea of running this series of interviews came during a discussion with Olga Russakovsky at CVPR2016. Our main goal is to give a voice to a minority group in our community, as a tiny contribution to mitigate the gender imbalance we all know about. More importantly, we propose a very large and diverse choice of role models, who can serve as examples to younger students and professionals at the beginning of their careers.

We publish everything that these ladies tell us, without any judgement on our side. The result is a very genuine image and a precious testimony of what it means to be a woman scientist today, in all the diversity of experience due to different cultures, backgrounds, career paths, choices and imponderable events. Every interviewed woman is different and each one has her own struggles, interests, ambitions and successes.

RSIP Vision as a company is proud to lead this campaign and to offer (together with its publications) this Women in Computer Vision series to the scientific community: it is a lovely journey and its author testifies that he learns a lot doing it, as a man and as a professional. He also adds: “It may look like a long list of names, but behind each name there is a fascinating world in which we were let in.” Be with us and with them in this journey and read what these impressive and talented women have to tell us.

Women in Computer Vision (or Women in Science):


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