MICCAI 2018 Daily - Tuesday

Suheyla, in what field was your Ph.D.? I work on medical image segmentation. Part of it was about medical image segmentation, and the rest was about diffusion MRI analysis. What is your current work about? I’m currently working on multi-site diffusion MRI data harmonisation. We realise that this is a really important problem, because people are collecting massive amounts of clinical data, but it is hard to repeat the clinical experiments, since data pooling is really hard, because of the scanner differences and scanner variabilities. We know that diffusion MRI is very sensitive to molecular water motion and hardware differences and acquisition parameter differences can cause these diffusion MRI signal variabilities. We propose diffusion MRI data harmonisation methods. We basically aim to learn the scanner differences from 3-Tesla to 7-Tesla magnetic field strengths. We show that it can be doable with deep learning and with convolutional neural networks. How did you come up with the idea of studying in the US? Actually, MICCAI was an opportunity for me. I presented my work in 2015 at MICCAI. I went with my current PI at MICCAI. So we had some interviews, and I was very interested in this work. We started this way. And you don’t regret that you came from Turkey to the United States? No, there are multiple opportunities in the United States. We can reach data easily. It is easier to collaborate. I have a very multidisciplinary lab, with clinical people and technical people like computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists. So I feel very lucky to work with them. Can you tell us about the Harvard Medical School, and what it is like to evolve in that environment? The special thing is that you can easily collaborate with doctors, right? One of “ I like working on developing new technologies to solve medical problems. ” Süheyla Çetin Karayumak is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab, Harvard Medical School. She completed her Ph.D. at Sabanci University in Istanbul under the supervision of Gozde Unal. She works on medical image segmentation. 12 Women in Science With Süheyla Çetin Karayumak