MICCAI 2018 Daily - Wednesday

Caroline, MICCAI 2018 is in full swing, but are you already preparing for next year? Yes, we are starting to work very hard on the program for MICCAI 2019. We have had some meetings with the current program chairs to learn from the best editions. We will take what is good and try not to make any mistakes! What is your work about? I mostly do computer graphics for medical surgery and medical staff, so I’m mostly working on surgery planning in 3D. I help surgeons to find a good path for surgical tools in the body, to be safe and accurate. I do surgical simulations to model what’s happening in the body when you do a treatment. What is your favourite subject? I like to find good paths. I like to solve problems, so I like when it’s difficult to plan. For example, when we don’t know if a patient can be treated because we are not sure that a correct path can be found. We help the surgeons to say, “ Hey, yes, there is a path. It exists, so you can treat this patient .” Have you seen any of your models become a product in the real world? Not yet, unfortunately, but we are working hard on that! I would like that very much. You are French. Yes, I am. From Strasbourg? I’m not from Strasbourg, but I’ve been in Strasbourg for more than 20 years. Which makes you a little bit Strasbourgeoise! Yes, you can say that! Why did you choose Strasbourg? “ You have to overcome your own shyness: try to go and see people. ” Caroline Essert is an Associate Professor at the University of Strasbourg. She will also be Program Chair at MICCAI 2019 in China, and General Chair at MICCAI 2021 in Strasbourg. 18 Women in Science With Caroline Essert Wednesday