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RSIP Vision, managed by Ron Soferman, is an established leader in computer vision and image processing R&D. In its more than 25 years of operation, RSIP Vision has provided countless clients with advanced customized software for their core business, using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques.

RSIP Vision employs distinguished engineers from various fields, including physics, computer science, mathematics, biomedicine, and neuroscience. Our engineers’ multidisciplinary expertise allows us to provide innovative and efficient solutions for our clients, while all our staff members benefit from each other’s expertise in his or her own field.

We have delivered advanced solutions for hundreds of projects, amassing a wealth of knowledge that we pass on to our clients through our work. Our substantial experience spans the biomedical field through the semiconductor industry, and includes automatic inspection, object recognition and tracking, 3D reconstruction and OCR, among other techniques. Some of our work is used by medical experts to assist them in saving lives, be it during the diagnostics phase or in the operation room.

We are continually updating our knowledge, adapting to emergent technologies and challenges in our clients’ industries. Our successful collaborations have enabled us to expand from Israel to Boston and San Francisco. We solve complex problems for our clients, delivering solutions that contribute to their success and save them time and money. We are proud of the work we do, and our role in our clients’ achievements around the globe.

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More examples of our image processing and computer vision consulting workSome examples of our computer vision and image processing consulting work

Looking for innovative technologies to enhance our Digital Surgery Platform, we found RSIP Vision`s algorithmic solutions to be robust, clinically accurate, and quick. Together with an expert and responsive team, they offer a unique solution.
Riccardo Signoretti Vice President, Digital Surgery Platform - LinkBio Inc - Part of Waldemar Link GmbH & Co. KG
Working with RSIP Vision as the CTO of a medical device company was very fruitful. Their team is professional, innovative and efficient: the AI development process was transparent to our internal team and at the same time it met the project timeline. This teamwork provided the novelty and the capabilities that will boost our next-generation products.
Jeremy Bercoff CTO, SuperSonic Hologic
Ilya and the team at RSIP Vision provided us with a neat computer vision solution to a multi-layered problem in our project. We also consulted with the RSIP Vision team regarding the following steps in our project, and these discussions inspired us to find the ways to tackle some very challenging computer vision tasks.
Ori Weitz Algorithms Developer, SW Ventures
I had a pleasure working with RSIP Vision’s team and personally with Ron on our highly sophisticated image guided project. RSIP Vision demonstrated both professionality and concern during the product development - the right team to make it happen!
Sasi Solomon Topspin
The team at RSIP has been great to work with, in supplementing some of our internal computer vision engineering efforts and meeting aggressive deadlines.
Modar Alaoui Founder & CEO, eyeris.ai
We contracted RSIP Vision to develop algorithms for our leading product, intended for SEM image quality improvement. They applied a high level of computer vision expertise to create and deliver effective solutions. I highly estimate their work and would definitely recommend their services!
Ishai Schwarzband Advanced Computations and Measurements Group Manager - Applied Materials
In the last 6 months, I have had the pleasure of working with RSIP Vision on the development of computer vision algorithms. There were many technical challenges in the development of the algorithms and RSIP Vision came up with original solutions to overcome them. Thanks to this work, we have succeeded to significantly improve the performance of the algorithms.
Yuval Gronau Vice-President of R&D - Guardian Optical Technologies
I am very glad that I chose Ron and RSIP Vision. The two projects they developed for us became the flagship products of the company and received enthusiastic feedback from our customers.
Noam Allon Medivision
Ron and his team quickly understood the task and started providing better and better results. I fully recommend working with Ron and RSIP Vision.
Ofer Saphier Orbotech
I enjoy working with Ron Soferman and his team at RSIP Vision because it's easy to work with them: they provide clear and timely information and they deliver technology exactly as promised.
Dr. Ron Maron BIRD Foundation
RSIP Vision team was tasked with improving the accuracy and precision of our surgical guidance application. They showed and proved outmost expertise, professionalism and project management skills. They were very tuned to our requirements and requests.We were very happy with the quality of the work they produced.
Latifa McQuiggan and George Polchin Senior Marketing Manager and Director of Advanced Development
We got in touch with RSIP Vision with a challenging project with many adversities and imponderables. The good and successful cooperation with RSIP Vision allowed us to take a big step forward. We really much appreciated their project management and the clear and transparent way of communication! Thank you very much!
Christiane Michaelsen, Managing Director IDENTT SWISS GmbH
Just before releasing out first version of the product, we encountered new data, and needed to rapidly develop an algorithm for head CT basic segmentation. RSIP Vision were very professional, practical and responsive. They provided a solution quickly and improved it to work on new data we sent them. The communication before and during the project was excellent. The algorithm is still used today in our product, doing a good job on hundreds of CT scans.
Yoav Pinsky, Software Engineer Biosense Webster, a Johnson & Johnson company

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