MICCAI 2016 Daily - Tuesday

Lena Filatova MICCAI Daily: Lena, what is your current position? Lena: I am currently a PhD student in the Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. I am also here because I am president of MICCAI Student Board. We are definitely supporting equality between men and women in the industry. Right now our officers are three ladies. MICCAI Daily: Where are you from originally? Lena: I am from Odessa, Ukraine. I grew up there and studied for my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics there. Then I moved to the Netherlands to do my Master’s. I studied in Eindhoven University in the Netherlands for my Master’s in Applied Mathematics. Then I thought I’d really like to do some application of all of the Mathematics that I’ve learned so I did a two year post-Master’s program which was on cardiac image analysis. After that, I decided that I would like to continue with a PhD so now I just finished my second year of my PhD. MICCAI Daily: It seems that you have a very strong passion towards the scientific field. At what age did you feel that that happened? Lena: I struggled with it sometimes because it feels like it is the right thing to do and that it is really interesting. Sometimes, it can feel like, for whatever reason, that it’s too difficult. I think that this is normal. I wasn’t always convinced that this was definitely what I was going to do. The main point is if it gives you motivation. Then it is a good one. For me it was around high school that I thought that this is something that I would like to do. I liked math and physics. MICCAI Daily: Did you have any role models that made you want that? Lena: I had some really good teachers. I had a really good female math teacher, and I had a male physics teacher who was really great. They both had passion for what they were doing, both for teaching and for the subjects. I think that inspired me a lot. CVPR Daily: Thursday Women in Science 8 MICCAI Daily: Tuesday “ Whatever we say, women are more emotional on average, we react much stronger to things happening ”