Computer Vision News - September 2018

Iro, what are you doing at Stanford? I am doing my Ph.D. at the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department. However, I work in between two departments with Martin Fischer being my advisor in the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) and Silvio Savarese being my advisor at the Computer Science Department, Stanford Vision and Learning Lab (SVL). Are you a scientist, an architect or both? That’s a big question, in terms of architecture, whether it’s more of an art or a science. I find myself being in a “ creative science ”. I find a lot of inspiration from architecture and the world of engineering on how to address computer vision problems and how I can bridge the gap between these two domains and see what I can find between them. Why did I ask you this question? Iro Armeni 色 Iro Armeni is a Ph.D. candidate at Stanford University, Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Department, Sustainable Design and Construction (SDC) Program. She is interested in interdisciplinary research between Civil Engineering and Machine Perception with an area of focus on automated semantic and operational understanding of buildings throughout their life cycle using visual data. 24 Women in Computer Vision Computer Vision News “I’m always in between, trying to bridge the two…” Women in Science