Computer Vision News - January 2018

“ Find the right balance between professional and family life… ” 22 Computer Vision News Guest: Raquel Urtasun Raquel, what makes you successful? I think that I am very persistent. I don’t give up easily when I have difficulties. I think that’s what makes me successful. Where do you find the motivation not to give up? I have a lot of will. I learned this by playing team sports. Which sports? I played basketball for 15 years. How was it growing up in Spain? What were you like when you were younger? I was a rebel, not surprisingly. What would you like to change in this world? So many things. I would like a world where everybody has a chance, and there is no poverty. I think what is very interesting right now is that, not just computer vision, but AI can actually change a lot in the world. We have a chance to change it for the better. I think that’s super exciting. From my side, I’m really excited about bringing transportation to everybody and building cities that are better to live in. I think this is just the beginning. Let’s talk about these. Transportation is one of the fundamental things in smarter cities. Why do you have so much passion for Raquel Urtasun is Head of Uber Advanced Technologies Group (Uber’s self-driving vehicle lab) in Toronto and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. photo: Chris Sorensen “ I’m in a position where all those things are coming together right now… ” Guest