CARS Preview 2018

Anna, can you tell us about your work? I have a double background - I’m both a medical doctor and a humanities researcher, so I have a background in medicine and cultural studies. My work is located at that intersection in between clinical research and non- clinical or academic research. The reason we do this kind of project in neurosurgery is because we see a lot of new technologies coming up in the surgical field, but we think the previous methodology to evaluate and assess that technology and its value for clinicians is underdeveloped. There is more work needed, there is a multi- disciplinary approach needed, and that’s how we came to put together our team. We are not just clinicians - we have people from interaction design; we have people from computer science; we have, like myself, people from humanities doing media studies, visual studies, stuff like that. We are trying to bring all this expertise together. What sort of result do you expect to see from this cooperation? There’s a long list. We did a lot of clinical-oriented workshops together with many people from the field; we do publications of course, which are pre-clinical and clinical studies; we do more theoretical work in the sense of basic research; and we also try to come up with some general recommendations on how to do things better – that’s the hard part, obviously. Do you have a recommendation that you could share with us? People should focus more on cross- specialty communication. That is a nice teaser for your presentation Anna Roethe 4 CARS 2018 Preview “The biggest advancement would be a closer collaboration between industry and surgeons…” Anna Roethe is a clinician researcher working in a project called Image Guidance Lab, which is a collaboration between Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin. Anna in the Interdisciplinary Laboratory at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, where researchers and practitioners from over 20 different disciplines - such as design, neurosurgery, computer science and culture studies - work together on joint projects. Image: Sandra Bauer/BWG 2018