Computer Vision News - May 2019

Gulcin Caner is senior computer vision scientist at Altia Systems in Cupertino, California. Read more interviews with women scientists Gulcin, can you start by telling us about your work? Yes, sure. Here, I am working as a computer vision scientist, and I am responsible for designing new algorithms to teach our multi-sensors. We have three sensor and six sensor cameras, and last year we developed this virtual reality camera which has six sensors for Intel. I had the opportunity to go to NBA games and use the camera for live streaming. It was lots of fun to see people watching it from their homes. The pictures captured by my camera were amazing. You said “here”. But our readers don’t know where “here” is. Where are we now? [ we both laugh ] Sure, of course! Here is Cupertino, California, and I’ve been working here for three years. And the company is? Let’s not hide it! No, no! Altia Systems! How did you get here, and why are you Gulcin Caner 26 Women in Computer Vision Computer Vision News Women in Science photo: Timothy Archibald Photo: Bernard Clark “Studying is the best thing that anybody can do in this life!”