Computer Vision News - January 2022

32 Women in Science Mahdieh (Madi) Babaiasl is the founder of the robotics startup, Mecharithm, where she is a researcher and robotics instructor. More than 100 inspiring stories of Women in Science here! Madi, can you tell us about your startup? I started Mecharithm about six months ago. My mission is to revolutionize learning, teaching, and research in robotics. There are lots of news outlets out there, like CNN and the BBC, but there is no news outlet for robotics. I want the researchers to have a great resource, and I also want to revolutionize robotics learning. Now we are working on university- level robotics: how to make it easy to understand for professors and students, because robotics is hard for everybody. Instead of PowerPointsand lectures, wewant to make it accessible, understandable, and practical for students.  As we work harder, we become luckier!