CVPR Daily - Wednesday

Mikaela Angelina Uy is currently a second year PhD student at Stanford University, advised by Leonidas Guibas in the Geometric Computation Lab. Read 100 more interviews with Women in Computer Vision Mika, you are not originally from California. No, I am from Manila, Philippines. I did my undergrad in Hong Kong. I spent a year in Singapore, and now I moved to California. A rather unconventional path for a Filipino girl. Research is very uncommon in the Philippines, much more like grad school. I kind of stumbled upon it as I stumbled upon studying overseas. I started doing math in high school. I met people who said you can apply for an overseas university. That’s when I moved to Hong Kong and I first got a glimpse of computer vision, computer science, and the research world. I also did a bit in Singapore. After one or two years of research, I decided this is interesting, so I applied for a PhD. You make it sound very easy, but I’m sure it wasn’t . 18 DAILY CVPR Wednesday Women in Computer Vision “ The world that we live in is in 3D! ”