ISBI 2018
4-7 April – Washington D.C.

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Computer Vision News (published by RSIP Vision) will partner for the first time with IEEE to publish the ISBI Daily magazine. ISBI is the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging. Meet us at ISBI 2018 to talk about your projects and work. April 4-7 in Washington D.C. Contact Us

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MICCAI 2018 – 16-20 September
in Granada, Spain

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RSIP Vision and Computer Vision News will publish again the MICCAI Daily magazine, in partnership with MICCAI. Meet us at MICCAI to talk about your work and your presentation. September 16-20 in Granada, Spain. Contact Us Read about MICCAI 2016 Read about MICCAI 2017

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CVPR 2018
18-22 June – Salt Lake City, Utah

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Computer Vision News (published by RSIP Vision) will partner again with CVPR to publish the CVPR Daily magazine. Meet us at CVPR to talk about your projects and work. June 18-22 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Contact Us Read about CVPR 2016 Read about CVPR 2017

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RSIP Vision and ICCV Daily at ICCV2017

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RSIP Vision has now a very successful partnership with ICCV too: the International Conference on Computer Vision has decided to join forces with us and launch a daily magazine too, which we (as a publisher of Computer Vision News) were very happy to offer, as we did before at other conferences: f...

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RSIP Vision and MICCAI Daily at MICCAI2017

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For the second time, RSIP Vision was present at MICCAI as a partner. MICCAI2017, the 20th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, took place from September 10 to 14 in Quebec City, Canada. Our role was, just like at MICCAI 2016, that of publishing t...

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10-14 September in Quebec City, Canada

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RSIP Vision shall publish once again the MICCAI Daily mag. Meet us at MICCAI to talk about your work September 10-14 in Quebec City, Canada Contact Us

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CVPR Daily – Bringing CVPR from Hawaii to the World

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The partnership between CVPR and RSIP Vision (as editor of Computer Vision News) has proven once again successful: the news, the technology and the people from CVPR2017, held in Honolulu Hawaii at the end of July, were published in a new series of CVPR Daily magazines. If you missed them, here th...

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CVPR 2017
21-26 July in Honolulu, Hawaii

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RSIP Vision shall publish once again the CVPR Daily mag. Meet us at CVPR to talk about your work July 21-26 in Honolulu, Hawaii Contact Us

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CARS Daily – Computer Vision News at CARS 2017

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Only a few days ago, Computer Vision News and RSIP Vision published the CARS Daily, the daily newsletter of the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery conference (CARS 2017), in Barcelona. Following the footsteps of other leading conferences in the world of computer vision and image processing (...

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RSIP Vision at IMVC 2017

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Once again, RSIP Vision decided to join the Israel Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition (IMVC). This event claims (probably for very good reasons) to be the largest event on computer vision, image processing, machine learning and deep learning in the country. IMVC 2017 was held on March 28 at...

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Computer Vision News at MICCAI 2016

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After CVPR and ECCV, also the MICCAI conference decided to partner with RSIP Vision and entrust Computer Vision News to publish the MICCAI Daily magazine, at their annual conference in Athens. This is already the third time this year that a major conference organization gives our company such a r...

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Computer Vision News at ECCV2016

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The 14th European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2016) was held a few weeks ago in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. ECCV2016, chaired by Arnold Smeulders and Theo Gevers of the University of Amsterdam, honored us by partnering with RSIP Vision and Computer Vision News to publish the ECCV Daily, f...

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Computer Vision News at CVPR2016

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RSIP Vision and Computer Vision News had the huge honor of being selected by CVPR2016 to publish their CVPR Daily. The 29th IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR2016) was held in Las Vegas during the last week of June and for the first time a Daily magazine was publishe...

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