For the second time, RSIP Vision was present at MICCAI as a partner. MICCAI2017, the 20th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention, took place from September 10 to 14 in Quebec City, Canada. Our role was, just like at MICCAI 2016, that of publishing the MICCAI Daily magazine. If you missed any of the three MICCAI Dailies, here they are again.

Daily MICCAI - MondayDaily MICCAI - Tuesday

Daily MICCAI - WednesdayComputer Vision News and BEST OF MICCAI


The forth magazine is of course Computer Vision News of October, where we had the chance to publish the a BEST OF MICCAI section of 32 pages, which was circulated a few weeks after the Conference to the whole MICCAI community. The major highlight of both MICCAI Daily and BEST OF MICCAI is of course the exclusive interview with Professor Yoshua Bengio, who entrusted our marketing manager (and editor of MICCAI Daily) Ralph Anzarouth with precious take-home advices for engineers of all levels and in every field. Thank you to Professor Bengio for his kindness and availability.

Our original concept of Daily magazine, already adopted by our partners CVPR, ECCV, CARS and later by ICCV, was made possible at MICCAI2017 by the kind availability and the complete editorial freedom which was granted to us by Simon Duchesne, who acted as the General Chair of the event. This is probably the right place to thank for their hard work and kind cooperation Maxime Descoteaux and Tal Arbel, Maxime acting as the Program Chair and Tal Arbel as the Satellite Event Chair. Ralph wishes to mention also Alejandro Frangi and Julia Schnabel, who will be General Chair and Program Chair at MICCAI 2018 in Granada, Spain: “It will be a pleasure to work with Alex Frangi and Julia Schnabel at next year’s MICCAI Daily, which is rapidly becoming a tradition at MICCAI!“.

MICCAI Daily’s success is also due to its role of conveying (with the speeed of the Internet) the news of what is happening at the conference to our colleagues who were not able to come to MICCAI. This role is in full sinthony with the mission of Computer Vision News, MICCAI Daily’s parent magazine: bringing together the profession in a unique community magazine: subscribe now for free to Computer Vision News and see you in Granada at MICCAI 2018!

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