After CVPR and ECCV, also the MICCAI conference decided to partner with RSIP Vision and entrust Computer Vision News to publish the MICCAI Daily magazine, at their annual conference in Athens.

This is already the third time this year that a major conference organization gives our company such a responsibility and honor. After the CVPR Daily in Las Vegas and the ECCV Daily in Amsterdam, three MICCAI Dailies were published at MICCAI 2016 and emailed every morning to all attendees (there were this year 800 participants at the general conference and 850 at the workshops). Each MICCAI Daily included fresh and original content, relating the previous day at MICCAI or presenting the day just beginning. In addition, the MICCAI Dailies were posted on RSIP Vision’s website and social media for worldwide distribution to thousands of readers who wanted to follow MICCAI even at great distance. Finally, Computer Vision News published a Best of MICCAI which to make it available (together with a best of ECCV) also to its regular subscribers and readers. Here are the dailies and the Best of MICCAI:

fMICCAI Daily - Tuesday           MICCAI Daily - Wednesday 220

MICCAI Daily - Thursday           Computer Vision News - November 2016

This is not the only way we were honoured in Athens: in addition to the many students and scientists who told us about their work, we were able to interview Polina Golland, Clare Tempany and Wiro Niessen. Their exceptional kindness is still vivid in our memory. If this was not enough, our Marketing Manager Ralph Anzarouth, editor of the MICCAI Daily, was kindly invited at the MICCAI Women Networking Lunch, to learn about their initiatives, understand the different sentiments running among the female members of the community and keep giving a small contribution via the Women in Science interviews.


Leo Joskowicz, Head of the Computer-Assisted Surgery and Medical Image Processing Laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, said: “I would like to thank you again for the amazing work you did with the three MICCAI newsletters. I got positive remarks about it from many attendees.” This is the place to thank the man who trusted us and helped us so much to turn this idea into reality: Sebastien Ourselin, General Chair of MICCAI 2016. These were his own words in a remarkably warm shout out, given at the Welcome Session:



MICCAI 2017 will be in Québec, Canada: if you want to know more about it, read how General Chair Simon Duchesne is preparing for this event, without forgetting the next MICCAI Daily. In the meantime, you can keep in touch and subscribe to Computer Vision NewsAu revoir à Québec City!
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