Only a few days ago, Computer Vision News and RSIP Vision published the CARS Daily, the daily newsletter of the Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery conference (CARS 2017), in Barcelona. Following the footsteps of other leading conferences in the world of computer vision and image processing (CVPR, ECCV, MICCAI), also CARS 2017 partnered with RSIP Vision to donate this new communication tool to its community of scientists.


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These 4 CARS Daily, which we published between 21-24 June received the warmest welcome from the CARS community, as well as from the attendees of the other conference sections attached to CARS 2017: IPCAI, CAR, ISCAS, CMI, CAD and the Clinical Day. They are here for you to read, with all their lot of scientific content, technology and stories. First and foremost, the interviews with some of the most experienced and respected scientists and professors in our community: Professor Heinz Lemke, Pierre Jannin, Leo Joskowicz, Nassir Navab, Roberto Molteni and Leonard Berliner. As usual, we also published 4 interviews with impressively talented women in science: Anna French, Ece Özkan, Olga Raznitsyna, Ninon Candalh-Touta. As well as countless reports about orals, papers and posters presented at CARS.
We wish to warmly thank Heinz Lemke for giving us full trust and editorial freedom; Leo Joskowicz, for more reasons than we can list here; Franziska Schweikert , for being the such a driving force for this conference and for all our work; Sarah Schweikert, for such a precious and needed help in distributing the CARS Daily every day; and finally, to all the attendees which shared their work with us and with all our readers.
To conclude, we want to show you two nice pictures: in the first one, Heinz Lemke and our marketing manager Ralph Anzarouth discuss the final details of the CARS Daily publication, moments before the beginning of the conference.

Professor Heinz Lemke
In the following photo, the organizers of CARS (we suspect one of them in particular, but we have no substantial proof), surprised Ralph with a full-color printed copy of each of the 4 CARS Daily magazines. It was very touching: CARS make their partners feel good!

Printed CARS Daily
Next CARS Daily, in Berlin at CARS 2018!
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