Once again, CVPR has been a great success: CVPR 2018, held a few days ago in Salt Lake City (Utah) was attended by no less than 6,500 registered participants from all over the world, which makes it the largest CVPR conference ever. In the words of General Chair Michael Brown: “We have a huge set of offerings, from 70 workshops and tutorials, to a massive expo, to an academic papers programme with over 900 papers. This is the biggest CVPR ever!

For the third consecutive year, RSIP Vision and CVPR joined forces to bring a daily magazine to participants: through our magazine Computer Vision News, we have approached tens of successful scientists presenting their work at CVPR 2018. We were thus able to publish 3 CVPR Daily magazine, traditionally sent every morning at breakfast time to all CVPR participants. This year’s novelty was the campaign launched by RSIP Vision to bring the CVPR Daily also outside the walls of the conference: answering our invitation “Feel at CVPR without being at CVPR“, many colleagues who have not been able to travel to Salt Lake City received the CVPR Daily and its highlights every morning, wherever they were. Many of them were retained at home for visa restrictions and other obligations. This campaign was carefully considered and prepared to keep the community in almost real time communication even when many scientists cannot be together in the same venue. This is perfectly in line with the vocation of Computer Vision News, which is to be the community magazine providing the bridge between academia, labs and industry.

You can find below the link to the three CVPR Daily magazines published, as well as to the BEST OF CVPR, timely included in Computer Vision News of July 2018:


Daily CVPR - TuesdayDaily CVPR - Wednesday

Daily CVPR - ThursdayComputer Vision News July Best of CVPR 2018


Our main guests were IBM Fellow and research team manager at IBM Watson Research John Smith and NVIDIA‘s lead researcher Jan Kautz, Senior Director of visual computing and machine learning research. The highlights of these three CVPR Daily magazines were republished a few days later in our main magazine Computer Vision News, within a special BEST OF CVPR section. The section included also a never published before report by Ilke Demir about WiCV, the Women in Computer Vision workshop held during the last day of CVPR 2018.

This the place to praise the exceptional team of event organizer C to C events and its President Nicole Finn. Their fabulous work is what makes CVPR and the CVPR Daily function so well. The partnership between CVPR and RSIP Vision is strong and will be renewed for the forth time at CVPR 2019 in Long Beach, California.

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