Once again, CVPR and RSIP Vision are partnering to offer CVPR2020 participants a CVPR Daily magazine. Due to the global pandemic, the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference will go virtual this year on 16-18 June, 2020. Just like in Las Vegas at CVPR2016, in Honolulu at CVPR2017, in Salt Lake City at CVPR2018 and in Long Beach at CVPR2019, all attendees will start the day reading the CVPR Daily that just arrived into their mailbox, with news and updates from the day before and the preview of the upcoming day. It’s an RSIP Vision publication, produced by Computer Vision News, the magazine of the algorithm community.

This year again: whether you participate or not to the virtual CVPR, you can still receive every day the CVPR Daily in your mailbox. We will send you the link to the fresh magazine every morning. You will receive it three times –  in the morning of June 16, 17 and 18 – but in the place where you are it might not be morning anymore (depending on your time zone).

Fill the form below and subscribe for free to CVPR Daily: feel at CVPR without being at CVPR! You can also subscribe colleagues and friends who would like to receive great technology and community updates from CVPR 2020.

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