Computer Vision Project Management

A series of lectures by our CEO Ron Soferman

Ron Vision - Project Management in Computer Vision


Computer Vision Project Management is a series of lectures and talks conducted by our CEO Ron Soferman, many of which are published as a regular column on magazine Computer Vision News, in the project managements tips section.


The main goal of this publication is to share Ron’s huge experience, collected during his 30 years as the head of RSIP Vision. Ron has encountered countless situations and solved all kind of challenges in computer vision and image processing projects. His experience has been and still is a source of inspiration for many project managers in our field. Each individual lecture is a precious eye opener on tips and tricks on one hand and on project management best practices on the other.

Moreover, the recent Deep Learning revolution in AI requires each Project Manager to acquire new knowledge and skills. Ron has been one of the first to adopt the new technologies and is now a real expert in their real-world practical applications. Without replacing hands-on training, these project management tips give the less experienced project manager a great help to better understand what needs to be done in computer vision project management.

Ron has talked to very different audiences in many countries and continents. The following articles are only a tiny selection of his talks, which we have gathered during the last few years.

You will find that these articles about project management are often very much detailed. This happens for a good reason: as Ron often says: “Even the biggest hammer cannot replace a screwdriver!
Enjoy the reading!

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