Computer Vision News - June 2019

14 Computer Vision News Project Management Tip Management This month's project management tip regards the most attractive aspect of deep learning , since it involves the capacity of being creative . A creative approach might, in certain situations, become an asset. This happens when the engineer can improve the network’s architecture by exploiting the characteristics of the problem itself . At the beginning of a project, choosing the network architecture is kind of straightforward : given the specific problem which needs to be solved (segmentation, pose estimation, classification and so on), you just pick the most advanced or the most commonly used architecture for that problem and this would provide a reasonable solution. However, it is not so rare that a better and more satisfying solution can be found . Maybe your project requires a lower error rate; maybe the network is too heavy and inference time should be improved; maybe the standard solution is costly in terms of resources (memory, time and/or GPU). At this point, the project engineer has an opportunity to consider: do we know something about this specific project that narrows it down? For example, we need to identify objects: do we know in advance the expected number of objects, their approximate location or the slice on which they will be found? Perhaps some modifications of the architecture could make use of previous knowledge we have on the problem. If we know in advance the number of organs that need to be identified by our network, for example, we could adjust the number of outputs; this way, our network is thinner comparing with a network Being Creative with Deep Learning RSIP Vision’s CEO Ron Soferman has launched a series of lectures to provide a robust yet simple overview of how to ensure that computer vision projects respect goals, budget and deadlines. This month Yael Zak tells us about another aspect of Project Management with Deep Learning: Being Creative with Deep Learning . Read more tips by RSIP Vision about Project Management in Computer Vision . “… improve the network’s architecture by exploiting the characteristics of the problem itself!” You can personally assist to Ron Soferman’s lectures : he will talk about Challenges in Project Management for Medical AI at our next Meetup on June 6 in Cupertino, CA. Register here .