Computer Vision News - July 2019

6 Computer Vision News Project Management Tip Management As a project manager, you frequently have to estimate the development time needed to develop a specific solution, whether you initiate the idea or you answer a specific need of the organization to solve a problem. Time estimation is a very tricky task, since the research part is always a big unknown: you don’t know the solution yet and as a result, you can’t know for sure how long everything will take. Still the organization expects from you, the project manager, to provide a reliable estimation of the investment that is needed to bring about the specific solution that is requested. A reliable time estimate is an essential information for the organization in order to decide about a specific project. It starts from your management, that needs to decide whether to launch this project. Other stakeholders in the organization might need to know and understand the timetable in view of entering a new market, train the sales team on a new feature and preparing the human resources aspect of the project. The first step will be to consult with your team and get their input about the length of time that will be needed to solve the specific problems. There might be several unknown as to the success of specific approach – so the answer might be a range rather than one definitive time length. However, consulting with the research team has a drawback: often, their scale of time is biased by their belief in their own ability to solve the task. As soon as they find the solution, their assessment of the time will be shorter. You will be well advised to look back at previous projects performed by this team: browsing into the past logs of the development team you will get a broader insight into the different stages that you anticipate from a complete solutions. Time Estimation for Your Projects RSIP Vision’s CEO Ron Soferman has launched a series of lectures to provide a robust yet simple overview of how to ensure that computer vision projects respect goals, budget and deadlines. This month he tells us about another aspect of Project Management : Time Estimation for Your Projects . Read more tips by Ron Soferman about Project Management in Computer Vision . “…you will certainly obtain a reliable time estimation, which you can present to the other stakeholders in the organization!”