Computer Vision News - January 2018

RSIP Vision ’s CEO Ron Soferman has launched a series of lectures to provide a robust yet simple overview of how to ensure that computer vision projects respect goals, budget and deadlines. This month we learn How to Build the Development Team , another tip for Project Management in Computer Vision . The project manager needs much knowledge and experience to build the optimal development team in view of the R&D mission. Many aspects of this task are common to all projects: today I will talk only about those which are specific to computer vision R&D. Diversity of the team: since computer vision and artificial intelligence borrow many theories from a multitude of branches in exact sciences, it is recommended to build a team with members having heterogeneous backgrounds, able to take ideas from mathematics, physics, graphics, signal processing, computer science and of course deep learning. The combination of diverse sources might be the key to good results, since best practices can be chosen from an wide choice of activity fields offering an ample array of solutions. Recruiting to the team: when you add new members to the team, you want the integration to be as quick as possible. Give them real tasks starting on day one, in order to enable them to learn and grow at the same time as they contribute their talent to the team. The project manager should find the optimal task with which the newcomer can start work and be integrated to the team, before getting into speed with other, more elaborated tasks. Transparency and openness are necessary in any organization, all the more so in R&D and development. This is because research is a risky activity and experts should collaborate to give the proper aid whenever it is needed. When this happens, no time and resources are wasted, knocking your head against the wall for want of a solution. In fact, any time a difficulty arises, the person noticing shares it as needed, reducing the time elapsing until a solution is found and implemented. Thus, when discussing algorithmic tasks in the project, transparency and open- mindedness play a crucial role in the building of the team, as well as in its performance. How to Build the Development Team “ Transparency and openness are necessary in any organization ” Management Computer Vision News Project Management Tip 15 “ Build a team with members having heterogeneous backgrounds ”