Computer Vision News - February 2017

Our CEO Ron Soferman has launched a series of lectures to provide a robust yet simple overview of how to ensure that computer vision projects respect goals, budget and deadlines. This month we learn about Leading the Dream Team . Sometimes the R&D manager finds himself in the ideal situation of leading a dream team composed of very good engineers . The team can be well selected, with well-educated and self-motivated engineers; they will do anything that leads to the intended solution and results; they are very cooperative and give utter satisfaction. In that case, what is left to the leader of the dream team? I believe that there is still room for effective leading, because even in a dream team you have to make sure that each member has enough advanced tools and knowledge of the practical packages of software that will help him implement the algorithm. It seems that even if you have a good team and the engineer is eager to solve the problem at hand (looking always for innovative ideas and solution), you have to take care that he always points in the right direction: I mean that he should not reinvent the wheel , or develop a new software while a package already exists that implements the algorithm that he works on. It is the leader’s task to verify the engineer’s curiosity and ability to find the best options available in the market. In the last few years, remarkable packages including all the advanced algorithms in computer vision were introduced (starring OpenCV and deep learning suites), saving precious time and enabling to maintain the software for years to come. On one hand, you want your team to invent new ideas and to find proper solutions; on the other hand, you want them to be aware of the available tools that can shorten development time and ease maintenance. It is also key that the team manager communicates appropriately the background of the project explaining the use cases for which solution is needed. The team needs also be told what critical points are expected during the research, consisting in risks which need to be minimized and top priorities which need to be met , in order to stay in the right track and deliver the solution. The team members must be aware of the general effectiveness needed during the project: if at one moment in time, an engineer is waiting for data, he or she can use that time to enhance the code, migrate parts of it from Python or Matlab to C++ or work on the integration design and the integration “What is left to the leader of the dream team?” What critical points are expected during the research, consisting in risks to be minimized and top priorities to be met 28 Computer Vision News Project Management Tip Leading the Dream Team Management