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RSIP Vision, led by Ron Soferman, has been delivering cutting-edge computer vision and image processing services to the technology industry since 1987. We develop customized advanced computer vision technology, drawing on the multidisciplinary knowledge of our expert team of mathematicians, biomedical engineers, software developers and physicists. Our state-of-the-art software and algorithms are used in a range of applications, from biometric measurements to 3D reconstruction, from the operating room to the smartphone.


RSIP Vision provides cutting-edge services in image processing, computer vision, machine learning and algorithms. We specialize in computer vision for medical devices but have a wide-range of experiences in multiple fields.

Computer Vision Technologies

RSIP Vision has wide-ranging experience in Video Processing, image stabilization, detection of objects, tracking along the video, video analytics, and motion compensation.

RSIP Vision's algorithms can detect and follow a subject through video footage, tracking the figure when occluded, and identifying the figure when viewed by multiple cameras or surrounded by similar subjects. This technique is also used to detect defects in a certain substance or material, such as silicon chips.

RSIP Vision's Registration techniques accurately align two or more images of an object, compensating for distortions caused by differences in viewing angle, distance, and orientation; sensor resolution; and shifts in object positions. RSIP Vision can 'stitch' multiple images with overlapping fields of view to produce a segmented panorama or high-resolution image.

RSIP Vision's Automatic Optical Inspection techniques are used in the semi-conductor field to detect defects, and for PCB inspection and FPD inspection. RSIP Vision's nondestructive testing techniques provide a means of detecting and examining a variety of surface flaws, such as corrosion, contamination, surface finish, and surface discontinuities on joints, bonds and cracks.

RSIP Vision's engineers can accentuate or sharpen image features such as boundaries or contrast to make a graphic display more useful for display & analysis. This includes gray level & contrast manipulation, super resolution, noise reduction, edge sharpening, filtering, interpolation and magnification, pseudo coloring and so on, as necessary to make images more useful for our clients.

Our scientists construct systems with advanced Machine Learning technologies (including deep learning), focusing on prediction, classification, decision-making and diagnosis.

RSIP Vision's 3D modeling techniques enable the user to view the object in any perspective from plane projections of the 3D volume. Our 3D reconstruction processes enable our software to replicate the 3D structure of the object and its surface, and conduct measurements and calibrations.

RSIP Vision develops a wide range of medical technologies including algorithms for catheter detection, cell classification, X-ray, CT, MRI, and ultrasound work, antigen detection, high-throughput testing, 3D reconstruction of organs, and blood vessel quantitative measurements.

RSIP Vision's OCR technology can be used to automatically identify and extract the text even in most challenging images. OCR technology allows computers to read, interpret, and understand the information that it has scanned. RSIP Vision's work enables clients to automatically digitize and classify non-digital elements such as license plates and barcodes.

Application Fields:

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Forestry Image Processing

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Precision Agriculture

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OCR and Barcodes

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3D Reconstruction

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Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition & Classification

RSIP Vision's pattern recognition and classific...

Ron and his team quickly understood the task and started providing better and better results. I fully recommend working with Ron and RSIP Vision. - Ofer Saphier, Orbotech.


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RSIP Vision has been delivering state-of-the-art R&D consulting & outsourcing services throughout the globe for over 25 years.

RSIP Vision are leaders in image processing, computer vision, machine learning and algorithm development.

We create sophisticated turnkey solutions in 3D reconstruction, automatic classification, detection, object tracking , image registration and more.

RSIP Vision's customized solutions are ensuring precision around the globe, reducing time to market, curtailing costs and freeing labor. How can we help you?