Computer Vision and Image Processing Consulting

RSIP Vision provides Computer Vision and Image Processing consulting and algorithms for the broadest range of activity sectors: from precision agriculture to medical applications (cardiology, pulmonology, ophthalmology and others); from microscopy image analysis to OCR, semiconductors, classification and all kind of machine learning projects.



Applications in molecular medicine and microscopy image analysis

machine learning

Classification, machine learning and pattern recognition

Medical Segmentation

Medical projects in image processing and computer vision


Image processing advanced software to help physician save lives


Computer vision and image processing in ophthalmology


Applications of computer vision in pulmonary imagery

Recommendation and Search

Online content selection and recommendation for billions users

precise agriculture

Breakthroughs in computer vision for precision agriculture

Automotive – ADAS

Life-saving algorithms with highest accuracy to secure road safety

Automated Optical Inspection

AOI techniques for semiconductors and other hardware devices

OCR and Barcodes

Automatically identify and extract information from non-digital sources

I enjoy working with Ron Soferman and his team at RSIP Vision because it's easy to work with them: they provide clear and timely information and they deliver technology exactly as promised.

~ Dr. Ron Maron / BIRD Foundation

I am very glad that I chose Ron and RSIP Vision. The two projects they developed for us became the flagship products of the company and received enthusiastic feedback from our customers.

~ Noam Allon / Medivision

Ron and his team quickly understood the task and started providing better and better results. I fully recommend working with Ron and RSIP Vision.

~ Ofer Saphier / Orbotech


Point and surface registration in orthopedy

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Automatic human action recognition in videos

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Video recommender systems are utilized to rank videos based on user pref...

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Automatic semantic tagging of images

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Image and object recommender systems have been developed along with the ...

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Back from IMVC 2016

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It was a big pleasure for the RSIP Vision team to welcome many of our re...

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