Computer Vision News
As explained in the editorial of the first issue of Computer Vision News (April 2016), RSIP Vision has decided to launch this magazine for multiple reasons:

  • first, because there is no computer vision magazine available today, even though we are working in one of the fastest growing and most promising business fields in the high-tech arena;
  • second, because as a commercial and technology leader it is our duty and honor to give back to our industry;
  • third, because the algorithm developers community deserves a tool filling the empty space between scientific papers summarizing academy research and hardware-related commercial journals.

Computer Vision News is written for you, it is 100% free and it is published by RSIP Vision with dedication and passion. It is probably for this reason that the major Conferences in our field, CVPR, ECCV, MICCAI, CARS and ICCV, decided to partner with us and entrusted us with the task of publishing their Daily magazines during the event. You can also read in a separate page the motivations behind our Women in Computer Vision section and the direct links to all the interviews. Finally, here is the full archive with all our magazines:

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