AI and Robotic Surgery for Renal Cancer

By R. A. / 19/01/2021 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

According to the CDC, over 41,000 men and 24,000 women are diagnosed with renal cancer in the US each year, and about one fourth of those diagnosed die from the disease. While a wide variety of renal cancer types exists, renal cell carcinoma (RCC) covers about 90% of renal cases. RCC includes sev...

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Robots in Medical Applications

By R. A. / 18/01/2018 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

In the recent years, robotic modules with their associated algorithmic software emerged in the surgery rooms. Here, some of their applications will be reviewed. They are used for orthopedic, brain and cardiac surgeries. Remotely operated robot in the surgery room are surgeon-controlled robots who...

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Instrument tracking for robotic aided surgery

By R. A. / 01/08/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

The success of complex fine-scale surgery depends heavily on surgeons’ agility, state of fatigue and their freedom to manipulate miniature instruments in the target organ. Internal organs can be reached by an insertion of flexible instruments through several small incisions in minimally invasive ...

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Planning of screw insertion trajectory

By R. A. / 27/07/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery has changed the face of surgery. The use of robotic aid in surgery can be traced back to the mid-1980s, when robotic systems were used to create precise incisions, cuts and drills. From the late 1990s onwards, robotic surgery has taken a leap forward wi...

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Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

By R. A. / 26/07/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) has emerged as a paradigm shift in modern surgical practices dating back to the early 1990s. What is Minimally Invasive Surgery? It is a type of intervention done by performing a series of small skin incisions through which instruments are inserted and guided towa...

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Robotics in Healthcare

By R. A. / 08/07/2016 / Application Fields / No Comments

Navigation and detection software for medical and surgical robots

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By R. A. / 01/07/2016 / Application Fields / No Comments

Machine vision navigation and detection software for robots

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3D Reconstruction for Bone Alignment

By R. A. / 19/05/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Navigation systems in orthopedic procedures are now an integral part of the preoperative and intra-operative process. Advances in vision-based medical technologies, such as X-ray and CT, have completely transformed orthopedic surgery planning and operation procedures. Newly introduced technologie...

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