The MedTech Conference 2019:
September 23-25 in Boston, MA

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RSIP Vision participates in The MedTech Conference 2019 event. We have a very strong experience in medical software and will be happy to discuss with you. September 23-25, 2019 in Boston, MA Contact Us  

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ISBI 2018
4-7 April – Washington D.C.

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Computer Vision News (published by RSIP Vision) will partner for the first time with IEEE to publish the ISBI Daily magazine. ISBI is the IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging. Meet us at ISBI 2018 to talk about your projects and work. April 4-7 in Washington D.C. Contact Us

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Biomedical image processing and algorithms

By R. A. / 09/11/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Biomedical image processing (or more precisely, biomedical image and signal processing) consists in sophisticated analytical methods and algorithms, ubiquitously found integrated into diagnostic equipment and clinical imaging modalities. The contribution of biomedical image processing and compute...

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Cell Classification software

By R. A. / 13/06/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

One ml of human blood contains roughly 5 million red blood cells. This huge quantity is only a fraction of what is found in one ml of blood, which contains roughly 60% fluid (plasma) and the remaining white cells, red blood cells and platelets. The composition of blood is examined routinely in ho...

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Breakthroughs in biomedical imaging

By R. A. / 13/09/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

During the last few decades, the field of biomedical imaging was shaken by major breakthroughs, which have completely changed the way physicians can observe imaging data. For instance, not long time ago, radiologists received images (taken by CT, MRI or X-Ray) and had to analyze them from scratch...

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Trajectory tracking of a fluorescent tag

By R. A. / 11/02/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Limitation of microscopic modalities to directly observe sub-cellular structures has led to the development of indirect measuring procedures based on single particle tracking. Analysis of trajectories of a fluorescently tagged particle allows indirect estimation of the spatial organization of the...

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Detecting Mitosis Using Deep Neural Networks

By R. A. / 09/02/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Several prognostic factors indicate the state and progression of breast cancer. Grading of the state of progression and spreading of cancer enables to start the suggested treatment. In solid tumors, like breast cancer, one such prognostic factor is the mitotic figure, i.e. a cell whose chromosome...

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Automatic Detection – Diagnostic Readings for HIV

By Felicity / 01/12/2013 / Projects / No Comments

RSIP Vision created automatic detection software for Orgenics ImmunComb®, a comb-shaped test for HIV antigens.

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Cell Classification

By Felicity / 01/12/2013 / Projects / No Comments

RSIP Vision's cell classification software accurately classifies a large number of cells at a time enabling faster detection of cancer and other abnormalities

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By Felicity / 25/11/2013 / Application Fields / No Comments

RSIP Vision has developed algorithms which reduce the labor required for tasks in biomedicine

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Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition & Classification

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RSIP Vision's pattern recognition and classification techniques assign input values to a given set of classes teaching the software to classify without help.

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