CVPR Daily - Tuesday

Michael, we are here once again at CVPR. Have you got a message for our participants? Firstly, I would like to welcome everybody to CVPR this year. I hope they enjoy a great event. We have a huge set of offerings, from 70 workshops and tutorials, to a massive expo, to an academic papers programme with over 900 papers. This is the biggest CVPR ever: 6,500 people! I just hope everyone enjoys the cool air, the mountains, and the academic programme. Do you have any advice about how best to take advantage of the overwhelming scientific offering that this conference has to give? One thing I would advise everyone to do is study the programme guides. It is important to look at the programme guide because, I will be honest, I think CVPR has grown to the stage that within the 5 days that we have it is just not possible to do everything. You have to make a choice. [ laughs ] Yes, you have to make a choice! We have two programme guides to help you – a pocket guide for the workshops and tutorials, and a pocket guide for the main academic papers programme. We will also be giving out maps to help you figure out which exhibitors you want to meet and the poster locations. Also, I would highly encourage everyone to go to a tutorial or workshop. Make the most of your time. Do spend a little bit of time in Salt Lake City too, because there are a lot of interesting things to do. Of course, we can’t compete with Hawaii in terms of having the ocean. Not yet! [ laughs ] Not yet, but there is a lake! A lot of people don’t realise that it is a very eclectic city. There are plenty of interesting restaurants and breweries, so enjoy yourself. Have a good time! Do you have any advice for first-time participants on how to take advantage of the Disneyland of possibilities that is open in front of them? [ laughs ] First-time participants may be overwhelmed! There really is a lot going on and it depends on what you are coming for. CVPR has grown and in particular, the expo has grown so much. We have a lot of people who are coming for the expo now. We also have new people coming for the first time to learn what computer vision is about. General Chair - Michael Brown 4 Welcome Tuesday