Intrusion Detection with Deep Learning

By R. A. / 15/11/2018 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Detecting physical and virtual intrusions is a key process in ensuring information and property security. Physical intrusion detection refers to all attempts at break-ins to a building, warehouse, or other perimeters by an unauthorized person, where access is granted to only limited personnel. Ba...

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RGB-D SLAM building 3D models from depth cameras

By R. A. / 22/08/2018 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

In the past few years, depth cameras became common and easy to get. Several product are available in the market at a reasonable price, e.g. Microsoft Kinect and Intel RealSense. Some recent smartphone also have depth cameras. In this project, we demonstrate our system for creating 3D models from ...

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Object tracking in videos

By R. A. / 06/03/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Object tracking in videos is a classical computer vision problem. It consists of not only detecting the object in a scene but also recognizing the object in each and every frame, so as to distinguish it from other objects, both static and dynamic. Many tracking algorithms have been proposed in th...

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Forestry Image Processing

By Felicity / 16/04/2015 / / No Comments

Using aerial images taken by drone, plane or satellite, RSIP Vision can create forestry image processing software to efficiently determine tree health and yield

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Machine Learning – Video Classification & Object Recognition

By Felicity / 26/01/2015 / / No Comments

RSIP Vision wrote advanced video classification software that recognizes the content of widely varied videos, enabling them to be paired with relevant ads.

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Video Tracking – Animal Behavior

By Felicity / 01/12/2013 / Projects / No Comments

RSIP Vision’s video tracking animal behavior solutions provide efficient & accurate results, freeing researchers to spend more time on analysis of results.

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