Multiplex IF Analysis

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Multiplex IF analysis allows for real-time relational data between cells in tissue. This is an advantage over the gold standard brightfield IHC, which looks at a single marker at a time. When using brightfield IHC for multiple markers, sequential sections of the tissue are needed which does not a...

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AACR 2019:
March 29 – April 3 in Atlanta, GA

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RSIP Vision participates in the AACR 2019 Annual Meeting. We are passionate about cancer research and will be happy to discuss your pharma projects with you. March 29 – April 3, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia Contact Us  

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AI Pharma Innovation:
Feb 27-28 in S.Francisco, CA

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RSIP Vision participates in the AI Pharma Innovation Drug Discovery 2019 event. Meet with us: we are passionate about AI in pharma projects and will be happy to discuss with you. February 27-28, 2019 in S.Francisco, CA Contact Us  

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Tissue Analysis with AI

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RSIP Vision is introducing Deep Learning in the biopsy analysis procedure. Here is how the benefits of tissue analysis with AI have become available. Biopsy is the key examination used to determine the presence of most malignant tumors. Notwithstanding its importance and the need for millions of ...

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Detection and Tracking of Tumors

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RSIP Vision’s automated detection and tracking of tumors answers one of the most frequent needs in the pharma industry – assessment of patient response to a new drug. This very strong tool saves precious time in the clinical stage when the automated detection and tracking can supply the most accu...

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Automated RECIST Measurement

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RSIP Vision has develop an efficient tool for clinical trials in the pharma industry – the automated RECIST measurement. The gold standard in measuring the evolution of solid tumors, along the treatment with a tested drug, is the RECIST score (Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors), ...

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Detection and Segmentation of Dendritic Cells

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Dendritic cells are a type of antigen-presenting cells and have an integral part in the normal functioning immune system, in that they help to initiate primary immune response. Dendritic cells are typically present in tissues that come in contact with the external environment. That includes the s...

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Artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions for Pharma

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