Cardiovascular Ultrasound Software

By R. A. / 14/06/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Heart failure is the leading cause of mortality in the western world. Routine examination in clinics can greatly reduce the risk of heart failure by recognizing early symptoms, correcting classification and assigning appropriate treatment. Monitoring the heart during a clinic visit can shed light...

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Density Measurement of Damaged Cartilage

By R. A. / 12/01/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Knee cartilage acts as a shock absorber, useful to absorb and damp shock impulses between the thigh (femur) and the shin (tibia) bones. The cartilage layer is a flexible tissue, which serves to ease the pressure put on the knee joint caused by mere walking and the weight of the body it has to car...

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Retinal inner layers segmentation

By R. A. / 02/01/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

OCT is the only method that can perform noninvasive imaging with non-ionizing radiation and offering relatively good resolution. That is why it has become a standard in clinical ophthalmology. Segmentation of anatomical and pathological structures in ophthalmic images is crucial for the diagnosis...

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Brain tumor segmentation

By R. A. / 02/02/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

More than 20,000 adults in the United States (with a higher incidence on men vs. women) are diagnosed every year with primary cancerous tumors of the brain and the spinal cord. It is estimated that more than 15,000 die from this disease yearly. An additional 4,000 children and teens are diagnosed...

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Ultrasound Imaging of Speckled Cartilage Tissue

By Felicity / 08/02/2015 / Projects / No Comments

RSIP Vision's software can automatically measure the density of cartilage in the knee using ultrasound imaging of speckled cartilage tissue.

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