Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Pharma by RSIP Vision

RSIP Vision provides deep learning solutions for detection, measurement and segmentation of pathologies and lesions for image analysis and clinical trials as well as detection and tracking in oncology research. These and other features are offered in the pharma suite created by RSIP Vision.

Oncology - Detection and Tracking of Tumors

RSIP Vision’s oncology software combines detection of lesions and tumors in the human body with tracking those findings along CT scans performed during the research: in particular lung, lymph nodes and liver. These tools enable a quick and accurate assessment of the efficacy of the new treatment. Read More...

Automated RECIST Measurement

The golden standard for measuring tumors is the RECIST score. RSIP Vision developed an automated module to accurately measure the RECIST score from CT scans as well as the exact 3D volume of the tumors. Changes in volume are a reliable measure of the progression or remission of the tumor, enabling to evaluate the responsiveness of the treatment in a relatively short time. Read More...

Dendritic Cells Analysis

RSIP Vision has developed a very efficient module for detection and segmentation of dendritic cells with deep learning. The module includes detection of the best focus and layer for 3D analysis in vivo and in vitro. Read More...


Multispectral fluoroscopy is one of the most useful techniques for tissue analysis; this is true also in biopsies. RSIP Vision has developed strong tools to enable cell separation and dot counting for use in this set of analysis.

Tissue Analysis Using AI

New AI technologies by RSIP Vision are very powerful in analysis of tissues and histopathology. This complex task, which has been haunting for years the medical community, has now a very practical solution: deep learning gives very fruitful results to several challenges, like the segmentation of cells and nucleus and the classification of the cells according to the detected pathologies. Read More...

Classification of Single Cells

Whenever the task of classification of single cells is required, RSIP Vision offers pioneering technologies in both segmentation and classification of cells and nuclei. This module includes also the initial task of locating the best area in the slide that might give the best candidate for the classification. Read More...

Image Analysis in Pharma

Every pharma company needs dozens of different needs in the area of image analysis to assess the results of different treatments and drugs. RSIP Vision developed application for different areas to help researchers get accurate measurement with flexible requirements.

Mohs Procedure

RSIP Vision’s modules that detect and classify different pathologies are very helpful in Mohs surgeries, during which lab work is done in parallel with the procedure itself. Fast and reliable information is provided to assess the status of the tissue and decide at once whether it is necessary to remove more cancerous cells or all remaining spared cells are healthy and no additional intervention is needed.