In the medical field, image analysis plays a crucial role in both diagnosis and treatment. Its central tool is segmentation, which involves partitioning an image into multiple meaningful segments for future analysis and use.

Medical image segmentation presents many challenges:

  • Large number of different modalities (X-ray, ultrasound, CT, MRI and many more).
  • Detection of the region of interest, which varies depending on the task at hand.
  • Tedious and lengthy human work, which often requires uncommon expertise.

one-click segmentation

Automation levels in segmentation

A range of automation levels can be used in order to segment a medical image. Possible approaches are:

  • Fully manual – manual segmentation is fully performed by a trained human. This tiresome and time-consuming task may generate inter- and intra-observer variations.
  • Fully automated – automated segmentation is completely computerized and involves no human control. Corrections in the process are not possible and results may be deceiving.
  • Semi-automated – the semi-automated segmentation process bridges between human and computer to seize the best of both worlds: the computer performs the labor-intensive tasks and provides fast and precise observations, while the user maintains control where it is needed. This approach may achieve the highest accuracy while requiring minimal user intervention.

One-click segmentation and its advantages

One-click segmentation is a semi-automated, AI-based segmentation and measurement tool for quickly and automatically detecting and segmenting selected regions of interest. In medical imaging especially, this segmentation tool has many benefits:

  • High accuracy
  • Simple corrections
  • User choice and impact
  • Minimal time and effort.
  • Identification of relevant findings
  • Segmentation of complex shapes and blurred edges

Have a peek at the short video above and you will see how simple this is!

RSIP Vision has developed a great one-click tool for medical image segmentation. This AI-based, domain-agnostic tool delivers repeatable measurements using AI technology that is available across all modalities. RSIP Vision’s algorithms create boundaries around the image and perform consistent, repeatable and automatic measurements. The power of AI enables to analyze and quantify a study in seconds, allowing to save time, increase accuracy and reduce variability. RSIP Vision’s AI-based technology is only one click away!

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