SILICON VALLEY, Calif., Aug. 13, 2019 — RSIP Vision announces today that Moshe Safran has been named CEO of the new RSIP Vision USA offices based in Silicon Valley. RSIP Vision is a global leader in artificial intelligence, computer vision, deep learning, algorithm development, and image processing technology for the medical device, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

For more than ten years with RSIP Vision, Safran has served in various roles within the company. He rose to the role of Head of Research and Development in 2016, leading efforts to provide new ways for the company to solve complex AI technological challenges. In his new role as CEO of RSIP Vision USA, Moshe will take on the additional role of Head of Business Development for the United States. Safran will be based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a company that aspires to develop the medical equipment of the future, we attach particular importance to the close link between the AI development team and the clinical work with doctors,” said Ron Soferman, Founder and CEO of RSIP Vision. “The new office will allow very close collaboration from the planning phase to the practical application by the surgeon in the operating room. Moshe’s leadership and the added value brought by RSIP Vision’s methodology for the medical device industry is a major benefit for its clients.

Safran has been leading multiple RSIP Vision teams simultaneously in multiple locations, while also overseeing customer communication, project management, and providing professional guidance in algorithm development, planning, and execution of new projects. He also assisted with the recruitment, training and management of new engineers. While based in the Silicon Valley, Safran will be primarily reaching out to medical device companies, which represents the company’s largest market.

This is a great opportunity to increase our presence in Silicon Valley and collaborate with healthcare companies that need additional AI and computer vision support,” Safran said. “It’s always exciting to take part in something that will disrupt the industry. It starts with the initial inspiration to pinpoint a particular need. Then our solution builds through a development phase and, eventually, goes through clinical studies which includes critical feedback from physicians. With the new office we are closer to the major names in the medical equipment industry, our clients, their R&D teams and clinical sites.”

Safran joined RSIP Vision in 2008 as an algorithm developer before serving almost eight years as the algorithm team leader and research scientist. At RSIP Vision, he has led the implementation of a wide variety of computer vision projects, ranging from developing a patented algorithm for 3D reconstruction of heart chambers using parametric modeling, to semiconductor precise measurements, deep learning, microscopy, precise agriculture and more. As head of R&D and team leader, Safran has spearheaded and managed a fourfold growth of the RSIP algorithm development group.

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