We were glad to participate in the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) annual meeting that took place at the McCormick Place, Chicago, the largest exhibition of ophthalmic technology, products and services in the world. Our purpose was to display technologies and progress in image processing for ophthalmology, demonstrating our company’s product portfolio which enables to associate robust software to eye care clinical and surgical devices.


RSIP Vision at American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)

Ron Soferman ready to discuss our solutions in image processing for ophthalmology

As usual, the organizers of AAO did a great job in providing exhibitors and visitors with excellent organization and infrastructure on the exhibition floor. It can be said that the meeting was very successful, gathering eye care professionals from all over the globe.

It was a great chance for the RSIP Vision team and management to meet with other companies and discuss about the most advanced technologies the ophthalmic field has to offer for patients, physicians and medical centers. In particular, we talked about our computer vision solutions for retinal and corneal imaging using OCT devices and cLSO scanners; advanced image processing techniques for glaucoma detection and treatment (like assessing the optic disc change); sophisticated algorithms for real time eye tracking, lens size detection (for precision in IOL implants in Cataract procedures), pupil distance and retinal thickness measurements; 3D microvascular visualizations with non-invasive OCT angiography technology; laser treatment for eye injuries, floaters and refractive surgery (as LASIK); and many other innovative solutions for the eye care world.

We would like to highlight the vivid impression which the Bausch + Lomb booth left among many visitors, in particular thanks to their Wet Lab and the rich series of conferences offered by their eye health experts. Of course, also the Zeiss booth was among the most visited and appreciated, thanks to their large variety of innovations in the field of ophthalmology. As usual nowadays, deep learning was among the most significant computer vision topics discussed. You can learn more about this technique in our comprehensive machine learning section or by subscribing to Computer Vision News.

AAO - Training platform for surgical procedure

Seen at AAO – Training platform for surgical procedure

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