The spectacular growth of digital imaging technology has made the solution to the problems of automated image interpretation much easier; the results are quite exciting for all image processing professionals and experts. Quite interestingly, a small country in the Middle East is at the forefront of this relatively new impetus in this field. The name of the country is not surprising, given the fact that among the developed economies in the world, it is one having some of the most respected universities for computer vision.

High-tech in Israel

Computer vision Israel

In fact, computer vision in Israel is knowing an even stronger development than in the rest of the world. Probably owing to the high quality and relatively large number of local skilled engineers, computer vision companies in Israel have always enjoyed high popularity and solid demand in international markets. This demand was made even more solid by the fast success of companies like Orbotech – with its automated optical inspection of printed circuit board – and Scitex, leading company in the printing arena. Other companies have more recently joined the effort to promote the Israeli technical excellence: it is worth mentioning Mobileye, leader in the automotive applications arena.

Other notable computer vision firms in Israel include BriefCam, vendor of systems for review, analysis, and indexing of surveillance camera feeds; HumanEyes Technologies, which develops solutions for creating and printing 3D / 2D effects; and OrCam Technologies, designer of camera-based audio devices for visually impaired and blind individuals.

Of course, as a leading image processing company in Israel, RSIP Vision does not focus only on the local market: on the contrary, we have worked on many projects both at home and overseas, offering our knowledge to all kind of clients all over the world.

Image processing Israel

Whenever you look for image processing companies in Israel, you are putting all the chances on your side to get the best service and the best available expertise. Image processing in Israel is very much developed and it deserves the good reputation it has.

RSIP Vision is more than your computer vision company in Israel. It is also an expert and a consultant than can advise you on all your projects in image processing in Israel or abroad. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your projects and help you get the best of these new technologies thanks to our professional experience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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