A career day was held on December 3, 2015 at the campus of Givat Ram, in the heart of Jerusalem. The Hebrew University gave its students a wonderful chance to meet and follow conferences from leading high-tech companies.

Six great companies were invited at this career day: Intel, Microsoft, Google, CheckPoint, IBM and RSIP Vision. Needless to say, the field was very tempting for all students interested to join the world of high technology: engineers, mathematicians, physicians and other future scientists were lucky enough to be allowed to choose among the technology leaders in their fields.

Modern life sciences offer today a huge range of disciplines to choose from and many career options are open to talented young scientists. In addition to traditional jobs in academia, biotech and the pharma industry, the fields of Computer Vision and Image Processing offer a career path which gives great opportunities and satisfaction, helping save the lives of thousands of people worldwide and contributing to a better quality of life to many more.

The Career Day featured talks, workshops and individual meetings with the invited companies. RSIP Vision presented Challenges in Medical Image Processing: projects and challenges in the computer vision algorithms that are behind today’s medical devices. We focused on projects in the domains of image processing in Cardiology, Ophthalmology and Pulmonology. Every project deals with the needs of a physician who wants to access more data, conduct more measurements or have a more accurate visualization in order to help the patient. To give a solution to this need, we have the engineering and algorithmic tools and methods from the computer vision perspective.

We were very impressed by the students we had the chance to meet. To keep growing as we do and to keep offering our clients all the best services in computer vision and image processing algorithms, we constantly need to add the best brains to our engineering floor. It is most probable that some of these students will work for us one day. We were very happy to respond to the call of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to take an active part to this career day.

As a Hebrew University affiliate company, we are very proud of helping students learn and progress in their professional motivation, knowledge and choices. It was a real pleasure to tell students what we do and how we do it: the overview on our medical image processing projects was much appreciated, as it made clear how powerful our work is and how beneficial it proves to be for the society at large.

RSIP Vision thanks the students for coming and the Hebrew University for inviting us.

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