Another career day was organized on November 30 by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In our double role as both sponsor (through HUJI’s affiliate program) and recruiter (having already hired tens of its alumni), RSIP Vision responded once again and played an active role in the event.

Career Day 2017

First and foremost, we provided the only lecture included in the program: “Medical Image Processing and Deep Learning – New Approaches and Challenges” is a hot topic for students of computer science and several connected fields. One of our senior engineers presented some exciting challenges in the field of medical image processing, as recent advances in deep learning have opened up new opportunities for innovation, helping our partners develop better medical devices, faster outcomes and more accurate results.

Second, we met the students at our booth, giving practical advice for their careers and offering a first contact in the computer vision industry. RSIP Vision was not the only high tech company in this endeavour: Apple, Mobileye, Intel, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, Orcam and a few others were once again in the first row together with RSIP Vision to advise student and even make the first firm offers.

To give an additional technology mark to that day, RSIP Vision organized a scientific game around a challenge in image processing. The winner Benjamin S. brought home his well-deserved prize: JBL Everest 300 earphones.

Career Day 2017 - Earphones

Tens of students enrolled this year too to the RSIP Vision PRO academic program: our first lecture on the theme Model-based reconstruction with cardiac mapping application will be held on December 17. This is the second year that the PRO program is conducted by RSIP Vision at the Hebrew University. Following last year’s success students were glad to continue in the path to a better understanding practical application in our industry of the theoretical content which they learned in class. As a global leader, RSIP Vision is the ideal place for them to start doing that.

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