Eyeglasses have been with us since the 13th century, although mass production and affordability to commoner (aside from clerics, scholars and wealthy people) has begun around the onset of the industrial revolution. Once symbolizing old age and degradation, eyeglasses have integrated our life and have been rebranded into a fashionable device continuously escorting the wearer throughout the day.

Biometric Detection

Adaptation of eyeglasses to fit as comfortable as possible the wearer is thus an important part in the fitting procedure. Vendors of eyeglasses aim at increasing sales by offering eyeglasses ‘fit for every face’. However, variability of the facial features is a limiting factor in this plan, and adaptation of the glasses frames is needed to make it as comfortable as possible to the person wearing it.

Automated Biometric Detection and Measurement

To facilitate the process of person-specific adaptation of eyeglasses for maximal comfort, RSIP Vision has developed a biometric recognition software which automatically performs all needed measurement. The algorithm can be used during routine fitting of eyeglasses, and it involves pupil distance measurement. The distance between the irises is automatically extracted as well as other biometric measurements related to the contour of the face. The algorithm is adapted to deal with facial skin tones, eye shapes, low contrast, poor lighting levels and reflections.

Effective and accurate glasses fitting is one of the core services in optic shops. Hence, a procedure which helps ophthalmologists and opticians adapt glasses to their clients’ satisfaction increases sales, reduces re-fitting procedure, saves time and labor and improves the optician’s reputation.

Accurate biometric detection and measurement during eye glasses fitting procedure is one of the many examples of image processing technologies having a direct impact on peoples’ comfort. At RSIP Vision we have been developing computer vision and image processing solution for the ophthalmology community for several decades, building a long standing record for accurate measurement by the way of tailor-made image processing algorithms. To learn more about RSIP Vision’s solutions in the domain of ophthalmology please visit our ophthalmic imaging project page.

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