OCR for robots

By R. A. / 17/01/2018 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) modules are being used in robotics. They allow robots to understand text, an essential function in some robotic applications. OCR capability enables robots to handle items identified by imprinted text. Retail applications use robots to identify products on shel...

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OCR Check Scanner

By R. A. / 05/02/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Digitalization of money transfer is a must in the current state of banking operations. Clients have various ways to perform transactions, such as credit, wiring money, and so forth. However, the banking systems and many businesses accepts checks as a formal means of money transfer. Checks still a...

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OCR Software for Low Contrast Images

By R. A. / 25/01/2017 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Vision technologies harnessed to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) enable detection of vehicles on the road according to their number plate, transmitting traffic flow analysis in real time and tracking individual cars. Automatic identification of cars based on their number plate serves pur...

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OCR and Barcodes

By Felicity / 02/07/2016 / Application Fields / No Comments

Identify and extract information from non-digital sources

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Real time OCR in natural scenes

By R. A. / 18/02/2016 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

The localization and recognition of written characters has long been utilized by the industries for a variety of applications. Most Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system perform accurately when working in sterile environment, e.g. scanners and static scenes. With the advancement in technolog...

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Deep Learning For OCR

By Felicity / 06/12/2015 / RSIP Vision Learns / No Comments

Deep Neural Networks Used for Optical Character Recognition Optical Character Recognition (OCR) used for the visual inspection of documents has found wide application in both industry and research.  The automatic recognition and analysis of printed characters by vision-based algorithms is still m...

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OCR Software – Low Contrast Images

By Felicity / 01/12/2013 / Projects / No Comments

RSIP Vision created OCR Software that detects license plate numbers, converting the images to binary code using computer vision techniques.

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OCR – Check Scanner

By Felicity / 01/12/2013 / Projects / No Comments

OCR – Checks: OCR project undertaken by RSIP Vision for a large bank, which enables the bank's clients to deposit a check using their smartphones.

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