Computer Vision Consulting

RSIP Vision provides Image Processing and Computer Vision consulting and algorithms for the broadest range of activity sectors: from precision agriculture to medical applications (cardiology, pulmonology, ophthalmology and others); from microscopy image analysis to OCR, semiconductors, classification and all kind of machine learning projects. Choose below the section relating the computer vision consulting projects you want to learn about. Then contact us and a computer vision consultant will discuss with you about your project.

Knee orthopedics - sparse set of points

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Find out about our projects in the following application fields:

AI for Neurology and Brain

Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning for neurology and brain

AI for GastroIntestinal

Artificial intelligence for gastrointestinal diseases (AI for GI)

AI for Urology

Image analysis and artificial intelligence for urology diseases

Medical Segmentation

Medical image processing and computer vision medical projects

AI for Endoscopy

Artificial Intelligence for endoscopy and noninvasive procedures

AI for Ophthalmic Imaging

Computer vision and image processing in ophthalmology

Orthopedic Surgery

Image processing algorithms to refine surgical orthopedy practices

Deep learning

Convolutional Neural Networks for advanced learning and classification

AI for Cardiology

Advanced heart imaging software to help cardiologists save lives


Applications in molecular medicine and microscopy image analysis

Robotics in Healthcare

Navigation and detection software for medical and surgical robots

AI for Pulmonology

Applications of computer vision in pulmonary imagery


Artificial intelligence and deep learning solutions for Pharma

Automated Optical Inspection

AOI techniques for semiconductors and other hardware devices

Other AI

Other Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision solutions


Pupil Distance Measurement

Retina Panorama

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