ISBI Daily - Thursday

Good morning ISBI! Welcome to ISBI 2018 and welcome to the very first ISBI Daily : this magazine is the result of IEEE (the organizer of ISBI ) and RSIP Vision (the publisher of Computer Vision News ) partnering to offer our community this ISBI Daily magazine during the symposium in Washington, just like CVPR and MICCAI do since 2016. Follow us today, Friday and Saturday for live news from ISBI 2018! On one hand, this year’s format is very similar to previous ISBIs in terms of numbers of plenaries , special sessions , tutorials and challenges . On the other hand, we have introduced special features, namely the FDA and NIH/NIBIB workshops on Friday. Topic-wise, there has been a surge of submissions using deep learning for applications across the entire scope of ISBI. We even ended up creating multiple oral and poster sessions dedicated to deep learning, but you will find papers on the subject in pretty much all sessions. We had a great team of volunteers and professionals taking care of the overall organization and invited program, so that the program co-chairs could focus on handling the large body of submissions, including a record number of short abstracts this year. To accommodate a good portion of the latter we added an extra poster session compared to last year. What was particularly striking in designing the program was the relatively large proportion of papers dealing with brain/neuro imaging applications . And at the same time we see the rise of deep learning methods based on artificial neural networks . In other words, it seems many of us are now studying the brain using methods inspired by the brain. A philosophically interesting thought.. Great content and presentations are waiting for you in this first issue of ISBI Daily. On behalf of IEEE, ISBI, RSIP Vision and Computer Vision News, we wish you an awesome ISBI 2018! Enjoy the reading! Ralph Anzarouth Erik Meijering Editor, Computer Vision News Program Chair, ISBI 2018 Marketing Manager, RSIP Vision Associate Professor, Erasmus Univ. Medical Center Editorial ISBI DAILY Thursday 3 ISBI Daily Publisher: RSIP Vision Copyright: RSIP Vision All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Our editorial choices are fully independent from IEEE, ISBI and the conference organizers.