ISBI Daily - Thursday

Ivan’s picks of the day: Iván Ramírez Díaz is a Research Assistant and PhD candidate attached to the Applied Mathematics Department and CAPO Research Group at King Juan Carlos University-URJC (Madrid). Ivan is passionate of Flamenco music, French rap and History. “My research topic aims at understanding how Variational Methods and Deep Learning (DL) techniques can be combined and applied to different image processing tasks. This is an alternative to a conventional DL-only approach, which suffers from the "Black Box" effect, highly undesired in medical imaging applications.” Ivan will present his work at Friday’s oral session FrS1T2.4: Optimization of a Variational Model Using Deep Learning: An Application to Brain Tumor Segmentation. Don’t miss it! Ivan’s Picks For today, Thursday 5 2 Thursday ISBI DAILY