ISBI Daily - Thursday

Scott, what is special in this edition of ISBI 2018? Thanks, Ralph. One thing that comes to mind immediately is our post- conference workshops on Friday. We have two of these post-conference workshops, and they’re special and a new edition to the ISBI lineup. One is from the FDA. Imagine if you’re a software developer and you’re developing software that does something to interpret medical images, for example. Maybe it helps with the diagnosis of cancer. That software developer might want to productize his or her algorithm and software and actually sell something. But to do so, in a medical arena, it requires in some cases government approval, and that government is FDA. So, the FDA approval for imaging software is going to be covered Friday night by the FDA. They’re going to walk us through the approval process to get an FDA-approved product. That’s one. Another new addition is another new workshop by the NIH. The institute within the NIH that focuses on imaging is called NIBIB. If you’re a young investigator from a laboratory or from a university, you’re wondering, “How can I get money to do my research? How can I get money to do my biological or medical research that might be image processing, computer vision, image analysis?” The directors of that institute are going to walk us through the grant process for NIBIB and for NIH, and are going to tell us about new opportunities for investigators in the area. That’s two new ones. What would you say to a young student coming for the first time at ISBI? How should he or she make the best possible benefit from this first conference? Great question. First of all, for the first time at ISBI, we’ve allowed student registrants to register for a paper without their advisor or supervisor, meaning that there doesn’t have to be a full registration with every paper. As a result, we’re going to get a record number of students here at ISBI. Tonight, in fact, they’re going to have a special reception that’s just for students and postdocs. Now, back to your question. I would tell my own students to select ahead of time a set of sessions to attend that interests them, and attend the entire session because to me, if you sort of pick and choose papers, it’s like listening to one hit song on an album. You don’t get the whole feeling for the area, and there might be some surprises. General co-Chair: Scott Acton 4 Thursday ISBI DAILY Welcome “ Pick and choose! ”