ICCV Daily 2021 - Thursday

Good morning ICCV! Welcome to the third issue of ICCV Daily , published by RSIP Vision . We’re halfway through the main program now and are hearing such fantastic feedback about the conference and this magazine. It’s a shame we can’t all socialize in person as we would like to this year but thank you to all organizers and attendees for making the event such a joy despite this! Today we bring you more exciting previews of the day ahead, including three fantastic papers, one of which received an Honorable Mention in the Paper Awards this week (see page 4), plus a fascinating tutorial exploring the emerging topic of event detection cameras (see page 10). Keep sending us your feedback, don’t forget to subscribe to Computer Vision News, and please share our link with your friends! Join us tomorrow for the final edition of ICCV Daily for 2021, where we’ll have a full preview of this year’s Best Paper winner . You won’t want to miss it! Have an awesome day at ICCV! Ralph Anzarouth Editor, Computer Vision News Marketing Manager, RSIP Vision ICCV Daily Publisher: RSIP Vision Copyright: RSIP Vision Editor: Ralph Anzarouth All rights reserved Unauthorized reproduction is strictly forbidden. Our editorial choices are fully independent from IEEE, the Computer Vision Foundation and ICCV organizers. 3 DAILY ICCV Thursday Editorial I have an oral on page 14!