ICCV Daily 2021 - Thursday

Cristina’s picks of the day (Thursday): Cristina González is a Ph.D. student in Engineering and a researcher at the Center for Research and Formation in Artificial Intelligence (CINFONIA) supervised by Prof. Pablo Arbeláez at Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia. Her main interests include computer vision, biomedical image analysis, egocentric vision, and natural language processing. Session 1 2578 Pyramid Vision Transformer: A Versatile Backbone for Dense … Session 1 2295 CvT: Introducing Convolutions to Vision Transformers Session 2 10113 Anonymizing Egocentric Videos Session 3 2067 Recurrent Mask Refinement for Few-Shot Medical Image Segm. Session 3 3310 Visual- Textual Attentive Semantic Consistency for Medical … Session 6 5646 Interactive Prototype Learning for Egocentric Action Recognition For today, Thursday 14 2 Cristina’s Picks DAILY ICCV Thursday Learn more about Cristina’s work! Cristina forgot to recommend her own presentation: she will present her oral Panoptic Narrative Grounding today at 6:00 PM EDT. Don't miss it! “My work focuses on the intersection of vision and language , specifically on the problem of visual grounding. Thanks to my background as Biomedical Engineer , I also apply these tools to global health problems . I work in Instrument type segmentation in Robotic-Assisted Surgery using visual grounding. I have also developed models for bone age assessment, an important task in children’s growth and endocrine disorders diagnosis. ”