ECCV 2020 Daily - Monday

learn. I find it super, super fascinating. All of these kinds of things that seem super simple for us. They are the basis of our intelligence, of our ability to adapt to new things. That's really what I would like to import into machines. How to do that is a really fascinating research path. Would it be the same if you were now being interviewed by a robot made from software that was so precise and so human that you wouldn't know the difference? I wouldn't be afraid of that. I think that, sooner or later, it's something that will happen. I still believe in Asimov’s three laws of robotics. I don't think that robotics can never hurt humans, and that should still hold. I would be very curious to see how a conversation with a robot would go. [laughs] Please invite me when that happens! Absolutely! Besides hoping to be invaded by robots one day, what is your dream? [ laughs ] What if you have a robot that is at home with you, helping you to do housekeeping, and at the same time, when the robot has free time, it plays? It plays by himself, like a kid, and these games help him to understand more. That would be really fantastic to me. Do you hope to be the one who will invent them and bring them to the world? Yes! Absolutely, I would like to create a robot that does something completely by themselves, and by their own mistakes, or by simply playing like a kid, improves their knowledge. One last message to humankind? I have learned a lot from Svetlana and Tamara, but I also learned a lot from Tinne Tuytelaars in Belgium and Barbara Caputo in Switzerland. With all of my mentors, I was lucky enough that they have all been female. [ laughs ] Who should be the captain of Roma? Francesco Totti... forever! [ laughs ] 3 Tatiana Tommasi 21 DAILY M o n d a y “I would be very curious to see how a conversation with a robot would go!”