ECCV 2020 Daily - Monday

Can you do full back and front somersaults? When I was young I was able to do that, yes. Wow! Do you have videos of that? No, I'm sorry. [ laughs ] Who is your favorite gymnast? Vanessa Ferrari, she is good; but the American girl, Simone Biles who won the Olympics. She is great! I was a big fan of Olympic champions Nadia Comaneci and Ecaterina Szabo, in their years. My father competed in the Olympics in judo in Munich, in 1972, so I could have really gone far. Wow! That is amazing. Would you have liked a career in competitive sports? When I was younger, yes. I had two paths, either to do sports or to study, and in the end, I ended up studying. I couldn’t train as a gymnast. [ both laugh ] Did you make the wrong choice? No! I am super happy with what I have done. What excites you the most in working with computers? Recently, I started working in the area of self supervised learning, and I studied all of these connections between self supervision and how kids think and 2 Women in Computer Vision 20 DAILY M o n d a y “That would be really fantastic to me!”