Computer Vision News - May 2024

Shuoqi Chen (left) is a medical imaging and computer vision engineer at Intuitive Surgical. Dominik Rivoir (right) is a PhD student at the National Center for Tumor Diseases in Germany under the supervision of Stefanie Speidel. They are here to speak to us about an exciting new workshop they are co-organizing at CVPR next month. Computer Vision News 42 CVPR 2024 Workshop Preview Data Curation & Augmentation in Medical Imaging The Data Curation and Augmentation in Medical Imaging (DCA in MI) workshop at CVPR in June aims to attract individuals passionate about medical imaging and medical computer vision and eager to explore innovative solutions to the challenges in these fields. Borne out of the organizers’ previous experiences at the conference, where they felt a void in terms of medical imaging content, the event creates a platform for the field to intersect with the wider computer vision community, foster collaboration, and reveal the challenges faced in medical imaging to a broader audience. “Medical imaging is already a pretty big field,” Shuoqi tells us. “We have MICCAI and other conferences supporting that area of expertise, but at CVPR, one of the leading conferences in computer vision and pattern recognition, it’s still lacking. We thought, what could we do to expand things further in terms of community building and bringing our folks, who really know the technology and the research, onto a bigger stage with all the experts in computer vision and AI? Indeed, the workshop promises to be a place where people from