Computer Vision News - May 2024

41 Computer Vision News Various projects can utilize Blender and its realistic data generation capabilities. Segmentation is probably one of the most straight forward examples. You know where blender placed an object and the locations of rendered pixel for it is the segmentation. However, the benefit of synthetic data becomes much more obvious when dealing with tasks where it is very difficult to obtain accurate ground truth. For instance, soft tissue tracking is very difficult to annotate. When using synthetic data, you have a model that is warped and you control its motion. This means that you have all the information to understand the movement of each pixel. Artium and Dekel conclude saying that it is not always sufficient to use only synthetic data as intricate details may be missed when using simulations. The best approach is to combine at least a limited real dataset with synthetic data. The more realistic the synthetic data, fewer real cases can be used. This fits well in clinical projects where large amount of real cases are often difficult to obtain. If you think we could help with your project, contact RSIP Vision today for an informal discussion about your work. Synthetic Data Creation with Blender Dekel Shapira