Computer Vision News - January 2024

15 Computer Vision News We’re looking mostly at analyzing the data. We’re looking at generating hotel reviews in these different languages. We want to compare the generated data with the real data and see if a model can easily distinguish between what is real and what is generated. I think this is very relevant for reviews because there are more and more automatically generated reviews out there on the internet, and we want to see if we can train the model to distinguish. Because they are fake? Yes, exactly. We want to catch the fake information. Are you going to help the world to prevent scams, frauds, and cheating? Yes, hopefully that will help. That will contribute to finding those and also analyzing what is different about this data. Many reviews are written in very bad language actually with typos. People do not ever reread them. Is this noise an obstacle to your research? That’s a good point. We were thinking about this, actually. We were brainstorming what to consider when we generate this data. We noticed that GPT doesn’t really generate this kind of data. It’s actually the opposite. It’s very polished. Yeah, the style is very formal. It doesn’t really look like what a person would write. Maybe we should try to include some noise in the generation process. I am jumping to a different subject. Is there an eminent Romanian scientist from the past that you admire? I immediately think of my advisor, Rada Mihalcea. I think she can be in this position of one of the greatest researchers. What did you learn from her that you would take into your own teaching? I think this attitude of never giving up. She learns a lot from rejections. She never hides away from trying new things and submitting to conferences. Even if we get back rejections, she always says the more rejections she has, the more she learns or the more success she has. That’s very inspiring to me because I didn’t take rejections in a good way. It would discourage me very fast. But also, as a researcher, you have to deal with that on a regular basis, and it’s very good to adopt this mentality that rejection is not a step back. It’s a step forward. You learn from it, and you continue stronger in the future. Read 100 FASCINATING interviews with Women in Computer Vision! Oana Ignat